Job Opportunities

  • ARt Teacher

    St. Joan of Arc School, in line with the Catholic tradition, sees human creativity as an echo and overflow of God's own creative power. The visual arts curriculum of the Diocese of Toledo Courses of Study encourages student creative artistic expression while also framing that creativity by learning the methods of art and art history. Beyond the art curriculum, the Art teacher also works with the leadership team for art around the school environment, both in displaying individual student work and organizing school-wide projects, but also in terms of historical art and display pieces that support the Catholic culture of the school while integrating a sense of the Beautiful.


    • Bachelor's degree in relevant area required
    • Ability to reflect on one's own practice to improve as an educator
    • Ability to collaborate with one's team and supervisors for improved student outcomes

    More information about this position can be found here.

    Qualified candidates should email a cover letter, resume, three references with contact information, and a letter of recommendation to the Principal, Mr. Greg Sattler, at