Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

Extraordinary ministers assist in distributing Holy Communion at Mass and at other liturgical celebrations when there are not enough ordained ministers present. Extraordinary ministers are to be fully-initiated Catholics who lead an exemplary sacramental life and who are conscientious, diligent, and committed in this lay ministerial role. 

Extraordinary ministers who provide pastoral care to those who are hospitalized, to those who are home bound, or to the elderly in nursing centers are required to be trained and commissioned in this ministry.

The ministry schedule can be accessed here


Lectors are granted the privilege of proclaiming the Scripture readings in liturgical celebrations. Lectors should have an appreciation for Sacred Scripture and an aptitude for the public proclamation of texts. All readers will be required to participate in a training program.

The ministry schedule can be accessed here

Altar Servers

The server is a very important part of the Mass and all liturgies at St. Joan of Arc. Being a server means serving God and His people. The Server Ministry is open to all boys and girls in the parish beginning in the fifth grade. During formation the server candidate determines whether this ministry is a true calling, as does the parish. Servers must sacrifice, committing themselves to study and practice to fulfill this ministry. In addition to the duties of Sunday and weekday Mass, servers assist at funerals, weddings and other sacramental and special feasts of the Church.

Music Ministry

For more information about music ministry at St. Joan of Arc, check out our music page.

Altar Sodality (Linens)

Volunteers launder the sacred linens that are used for all the Masses and Sacraments. The linens are picked up weekly, laundered at home and returned to the sacristy. Volunteers rotate on a monthly basis.

Ministry of Hospitality (Ushers)

The Ushers perform a very essential function at all of our liturgies! They greet parishioners, direct traffic, assist parishioners in distress, and coordinate collections. Individuals are assigned to teams that are responsible for Masses and they usually rotate on a monthly basis.